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Snapchat 'porn to order' craze creates virtual playground for paedophiles -

2014-08-16 'porn to order' craze creates virtual playground for images of schoolgirls tricked into taking explicit selfies are being posted on the internet in a chilling new “porn to order” craze. Teenage boys across Britain are sharing online “Wish lists” of the names of girls they know and would like to ...and more »

Porn is now part of everyday life, say teenagers - The Independent

The IndependentPorn is now part of everyday life, say teenagersThe IndependentIt can make boys think that “girls are for sexual gratification” and make some girls “feel they have to look and perform like porn stars to be liked and valued by boys.” She added: “To protect them from these damaging messages children must be taught ...It's time we started talking to our children about 63 news articles »

Why Women Don't Watch Porn - Huffington Post

Why Women Don't Watch PornHuffington PostThis girl has some serious skills. And no, she doesn't accidentally snort water up her nose while going down on him either. Wow, I am impressed. My other question is, shower first, then bathtub? Wouldn't you want to get soapy in the bathtub and then ...

Strippers, prostitutes, porn workers look to Cupcake Girls for support, sweets - The Oregonian

Strippers, prostitutes, porn workers look to Cupcake Girls for support, sweetsThe OregonianThe woman, a stripper, was one of more than a dozen adult industry workers who visited the salon on Sunday for a free spa day, courtesy of a Portland nonprofit with a mission of serving people like her. This was a treat these women don't often get: The ...and more »

SAVAGE Love - Boulder Weekly

Chicago ReaderSAVAGE LoveBoulder WeeklyI've been with both boys and girls, and currently I'm with a trans girl. I've never been a fan of real-people pornography, but recently I've found myself indulging in trans-girl porn. Is it insensitive to have a predilection for trans girls? My ...Hot for trans girlsNOW MagazineHow Can I Ask How Big "Bigger, Beautiful Women" Online Are?Washington City Paperall 13 news articles »