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Child rapist who made girls watch porn and issued chilling 'lots of men ... -

2015-01-30 rapist who made girls watch porn and issued chilling 'lots of men twisted child rapist who forced young girls to watch porn and threatened one that he would 'take her to a place where other men were' has been jailed. Vile Ashley Wright abused the girls, both under the age of 13, in a series of shocking sex attacks ...and more »

Grim world of teen porn exposed in Sundance documentary -

2015-01-27 world of teen porn exposed in Sundance girls involved are typically working minimum wage jobs straight out of high school and see adverts like "Hot Girls Wanted" on as "a ticket to freedom, adventure and their dream of instant fame". "This really is a perfect storm ...Sundance Film Review: 'Hot Girls Wanted'Variety'The Hunting Ground' and 'Hot Girls Wanted': Sundance Docs Investigate the ...FlavorwireSundance doc 'Hot Girls Wanted' explores amateur pornNews & Observerall 180 news articles »

The Mysterious Straight-Girl Appeal of Lesbian Porn - (blog)

2015-01-22 (blog)The Mysterious Straight-Girl Appeal of Lesbian (blog)Phone in hand, she scrolls through clips with titles like, "girls kissing," "girls scissoring," and, "hot lesbians," clicking on and quickly abandoning them when she decides they are not quite what she's looking for. Finally, she settles on a scene ...

Help! My teen's watching online porn - CNN

CNNHelp! My teen's watching online pornCNN"There isn't a true causation of 'I saw this in porn, and therefore I'm going to do it,' " she added. "Are there examples of that? Absolutely. Just like examples of kids who saw this violence on TV and ... acted on it, but there are so many kids who ...and more »

Naughty Nerds: College Grads Do Porn - Daily Beast

Daily BeastNaughty Nerds: College Grads Do PornDaily BeastI mean just a few weeks ago Lena Dunham's Girls aired a shockingly explicit scene. Allison Williams, daughter of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was getting her ass eaten on cable television. It looked a lot like porn in my opinion, but it wasn't.Belle Knox, the 'Duke porn star,' hopes to get into libertarian politicsRed Alert Politicsall 9 news articles »