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Technology has made young people neurotic about sex -

2014-11-17 has made young people neurotic about preferences are pretty straightforward: heterosexual guys like watching boy-girl sex, while gay guys like boy-boy. However, while a straight woman likes boy-on-girl porn too, she's far more likely to watch girl-on-girl. Furthermore, twice as many ...Dazed Magazine's Very Large Sex Survey Shows What Young People Are ...Huffington Post UKSex Is More Important to Women Than It Is to MenStyleiteall 4 news articles »

Slate's Working Podcast: Episode 8 Transcript - Slate Magazine

Slate's Working Podcast: Episode 8 TranscriptSlate MagazinePlotz: So, I'm going to use the vernacular—like, people know you as—you act in porn movies. .... We have guys that have been around for a really long time and are just total professionals, and can take a girl all the way through the scene, like on ...and more »

Pornography, kids and sex education: what to do? -

CBC.caPornography, kids and sex education: what to do?"The porn industry is the country's main sex educator of our boys and girls," says Cordelia Anderson, one of the experts scheduled to speak at the symposium, referring to the situation in the U.S. ... It's a business; everything is constructed, like ...

The post-porn wave: why some young people are shunning videos of ... - The Independent

The IndependentThe post-porn wave: why some young people are shunning videos of ...The IndependentWhen you realise that person you're using to fulfil your imagination is being put in a situation they don't want to be, it's like, hang on a minute, I'm having an erection over a girl who looks like she's being forced to have sex with some dude.” “I ...and more »

Confessions from Straight Men Who Watch Gay Porn - TheBacklot

TheBacklotConfessions from Straight Men Who Watch Gay PornTheBacklotSo when a thread asking heterosexual men about their interest in same sex imagery popped up on Reddit's AskMen page, my interest was certainly piqued. In response to the question “Do any straight guys watch gay porn as a fetish rather than an aspect of ...and more »